Business Overview


XXXXX is a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) located in XXXXX. The business will center primarily on a world-class miniature golf course, an exciting go-kart track, batting cages and a bumper boat pond but will be expanded in subsequent years to include many other FEC type activities.


XXXXX will have a mascot named XXXXX. This mascot will show up throughout the facility. For example, the mascot will appear on the sign, on logo sportswear sold in the clubhouse, on scorecards, in advertising, on concession stand napkins, on batting cages, and on go-kart bodies to name a few locations. In addition, a XXXXX costume is being designed that will be used during birthday parties, corporate events, and special promotions.


The FEC is being designed and built by the most respected FEC construction company in the United States, Premier Amusement Developers, LLC. They have built centers around the country and the partners have a combined 50 years in the industry and have demonstrated their knowledge of what is required to make a successful facility. The course will be challenging, but not overly so. This will bring customers back to attempt to better their previous score. The batting cages, go-kart track and bumper boat pond will help round out the facility as the destination for family entertainment.


In addition to the miniature golf, during the first year of operation, XXXXX will offer a small, but highly profitable, food service. A patio area is being designed that overlooks the course. Customers will walk off the 18th hole and onto the patio where hot dogs, chips, pretzels, and soft drinks will await them. The patio will be covered and offer ample seating, enticing customers to sit for a few minutes, enjoy a snack and relive the round through conversation. Besides lending to the feel of a full outing experience, the food service will be a highly profitable portion of the business. Please see the financial section for further details.



The facility will be run as a XXXXX. It will be owned and operated by XXXX who will take the primary responsibility of working with contractors to design and develop the facility, ad then the subsequent day-to-day operational responsibilities.


(Background and experience of owner and/or owners here)



XXXXX will be built at XXXX. (Description of location and proximity to other businesses)



The operation will run for 12 hours per day, 7 days a week, from mid May to mid October. (This time frame should be appropriate to your climate and region.) In addition, teenage and/or senior aged people will be employed to help during peak demand times. These will generally be evenings and weekends. These employees will act as course rangers; assisting customers, helping at the concession stand, and maintaining a clean look to the business.


The business may seek the services of various professionals as the need arises.


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