Industry and Market Analysis

Future Growth

Our company is being thought of from the outset as an FEC, and not simply a miniature golf course. Many other products and services are being considered as part of the facility's growth plans. Among these are:

Video Arcade
Rock wall climbing
Soccer cages
Bank-shot basketball
Logo sportswear and golf accessories
Water Wars
Driving range
Design & Construction


XXXX has been contracted to provide design and construction management expertise. In this capacity, they will be responsible for the overall site plan, including parking design, clubhouse architecture, landscaping, septic and drainage issues, and presentation of the site plan for the Town of XXXX will bring together the experts they need in order to develop a well-integrated plan that allows for future growth potential.


XXXX is working closely with Premier Amusement Developers, LLC on placement and requirements of the miniature golf course, go-kart track, batting cage and bumper boat pond in the overall site plan.


Once Planning Board Approval is received, XXX will begin the construction phase of the project. They will be responsible for the coordination of all subcontractors on the project and ensuring that the project remains on schedule and on budget.


Regular reviews of the project during the design and construction phases will be held between XXX, Premier and the XXXX. A project schedule is included in Appendix E, and contact information for the major parties is detailed in Appendix F. XXXXX will be open for business on or before XXXXX.



The proposed location of XXXXX is ideal in terms of competition. There are XXX FEC's in the area. They are: (Describe all direct competition here)


In addition to these two FECs, there are a few other area attractions that could be considered competition for XXXXX :


(Describe all indirect competition here)


Cross marketing with any or all of these businesses is not only very likely, but extremely desirable. The area's development as a family destination for an enjoyable day outing will only benefit from the addition of a top-notch family center like XXXXX.


Marketing Plan

XXXXX is a character that will be part of much of the marketing of the facility. He will appear on the sign, print advertisements, website, shirts, and company literature. He will not have a major appearance on the miniature golf course itself but will be throughout the facility. While on the course, we want our customers to feel like they are in a natural setting. He will be on at least one go-kart body and on the back perimeter netting in the batting cage.


Lighting and sound will be very important to the overall feel of the site. Adequate lighting must be provided of course, but not overly so. Many small, targeted landscape lights will be used to highlight key areas, such as the waterfalls. As for sound, we will have speakers hidden throughout the park. The volume level will be such that it will offer a pleasant background, but will not in anyway interfere with conversation or the sound of the water rushing over the waterfalls.



The population that XXXXX will draw from is ideal, both in terms of numbers and type. The 2000 US Census of the cities and towns in the siteimmediate market are as follows: (chart had 9 entries)


Municipality and Population



This population spans the full spectrum of ages and economic strata, but is comprised primarily of middle class families, which is the ideal demographic for XXXXX. Most FECs draw from as few as 40,000 to 60,000 people with great business success.


Business Overview Operations