Financial Plan

The total investment required to start XXXXX is XXXXXX. This includes site purchase, site design and construction, miniature golf course design and build, equipment purchase, and working capital. A more detailed list of expenses is included in Appendix B.

The financing for the initial startup costs will come from XXXX (20%) and from commercial bank financing (SBA loan 80%). A new worth and collateral statement that will be offered by the XXXX to secure the bank financing is listed in Appendix C.

As noted previously in the Financial Information section, the projected ROI of more than 20% during each of the first three years clearly warrants this level of overall investment. Additional activities in subsequent years will be financed from operations.

(All Appendix will be a separate page)

Appendix A: Pro Forma Income Statement

Appendix B: Use of Funds Statement

Appendix C: Net Worth/Collateral Statement

Appendix D: Appraisal Opinion - XXXX Residence

Attached is a copy of an appraisal opinion generated by XXXX on the XXXX residence. As noted in Appendix C, this is a large part of the business loan collateral. The opinion is based on comparative sales data for the town of XXXX and similar types of houses that were recently sold.

Appendix E: Construction Schedule

Task =================> Start ===============> Completed

FEC Design

Preliminary Site Design
(includes :existing conditions
survey, clubhouse design,
parking layout, course
placement, septic and drainage,
lighting design, landscaping

Town of XXX Planning Board Review

Detailed Site Design
(Includes: architectural details
on clubhouse, trellis detail,
planting selection)

Closing on Real Estate

Rough grading and site clearing

Golf Course, batting cage, go-kart track
& bumper boat Construction

Site Construction

Purchase Food Service Equipment

Opening Day


Operations Executive Summary