Executive Summary

This plan was provided by a classmate of mine while we were pursuing Entrepreneurship degrees. He was gracious enough to sacrifice the plan to the web and it is greatly appreciated! I am confident you will find this business plan helpful.

TheHopeFarm.com was first thought of two years ago when my aunt was diagnosed with cancer. I noticed that my family tried to rally around her and give her comfort in the fact that we were there for her. However I thought to myself that if I was in her situation I would greatly appreciate my family being there for me, but they just would not know what I was going through. I would want to talk to someone that had gone through the perils of what I was about to go through with treatments, dealing with insurance companies and trying to keep my sanity when my whole world was turned upside down when I heard those terrible three words... “You have cancer”.


I decided to develop a website devoted to helping those that are diagnosed with cancer. The sites main goal is to connect cancer patients with cancer survivors. It will be open to anyone that wants to spread a word of hope to cancer patients but the niche will be the patients and survivors.


Unfortunately, this market is going to continue to grow until people start adopting a healthier lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. Also we need to rid ourselves of bad habits like smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. There is proven research that shows those two actions lead to cancer if done long enough.


David “Luke” Blackburn is the founder and president of company. He graduated from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville on May 8th of 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in entrepreneurship. He has experience in entrepreneurship from mentoring with a financially independent entrepreneur during college. Also he learned a great deal from mentoring with his stepfather who is an attorney and a business owner.


Currently I am looking for a web design firm that is capable of constructing the website with all of the functions that I want it to have. I want to decide by the middle of May in order to get the project off the ground. I am looking to fund the site through private grants. The grants would need to total $25,000.00 and that would cover all of the foreseen first year expenses. With web based companies, operating expenses are significantly lower than traditional brick and mortar companies. Also there will be little to no overhead because we are not selling any physical items.


Company and Industry