Binomial Distribution Calculator

Number of Trials (n) =

Number of Successes (x) =

Probability of Success (p) =

Probabililty of Failure (q) =




n = The number of trials

x = The number of successes

p = The probability of success

q = The probability of failure (which is 1 - p)


Binomial Distribution Formula


binomial distribution


What is Binomial Distribution?

The binomial distribution  describes the behavior of a count of variable X if the following conditions apply:

1- The number of observations n is fixed.
2- Each observation is independent.
3- Each observation represents one of two outcomes ("success" or "failure").
4- The probability of "success" p is the same for each outcome.


Binomial Distribution Explanation

The following is a really good explanation of how to calculate Binomial Distribution. It takes a moment for the instructor to begin his example.

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