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How to Use this Calculator

This calculator offers a few functions, so I thought it may help to give a quick overview of how to do some of the calculations, as well as how to do functions that are on most common calculators:


Square Root (√ or for this calculator it is represented as sqrt) is used to find the square root of a number, or group of numbers. To use this feature, enter the number and press the √ button. If your problem looks like the following √6*(4+2), then you will want to use PEMDAS and calculate the parenthesis first then multiply, (4+2)=6 -then- 6*6=36, then use the √ function.


The next function is x^2, represented above by the sq button, which is the number x squared, for example 6^2 equals 36; which is the same as saying 6 * 6. To use this calculator for this function, enter your number "x" and press the "sq" button.


+/- is used to change the sign of a result on this calculator. To be honest I haven't figured out how this is useful and it is fairly easy to find the negative or positive number on your own... I'll return to this one when I find a use!


The next root function is to find the x root of a number. For example 4√16 would equal 2. To use this function, enter the number in the √ symbol and press the "root" button. A prompt will come up asking for the root and you will need to enter 4, per the sample problem, and press ok. The results will then be shown in the calculator, with an answer of 2. If the problem was 3√27, you'd follow the same steps, but instead of entering a 4, you'd enter a 3 in the prompt and the results would be 3.


x^y is used to find number x to the power of y. For example 2 to the power of 3 (or 2^3). The answer is 8. To solve this sort of problem you would enter the x value in the calculator, in our sample x=2, then push the "x^y" button, which will prompt a small screen at the top left to enter your "y" value; in our case y = 3. Enter 3, press ok and the results will appear in the calculator screen. Another sample problem, 3^2 = 9, in this case 3=x and 2=y. Give it a try.


1/x is a quick reference button to solve for problems where 1 is the numerator and x is the denominator. For example 1/7. To use the calculator, enter the value 7 and press the "1/x" button; the results will appear in the answer box.


ln is used to find the natural log. To use this feature, enter the ln number you are trying to solve for and press the "ln" button.


Next is e^x. To begin with, e is an irrational number and refers to EULER'S NUMBER or is the base of a natural logarithm and is used often in growth and decay models. It has an approximate value of 2.71828. A sample problem may look like the following: e^4. To solve this sort of problem on this calculator, enter the number 4 and press the "e^x" key. Your answer should be 54.598150...


x! is called x factorial. The ! is used to solve problems in the following: 3! would be solved by multiplying 3 * 2 * 1 = 6. This can get tricky when you have a large x value or when you have 2 or 3 factorials to solve for. To solve a problem using the factorial function, enter the number you are looking for, for instance 6!, you would enter 6 and press the "x!" key. The result is 720.


10^x is a quick reference button to find 10 to the power of a value x, for example 10^5. To solve this problem, enter 5 then press the 10^x button- the result is 100000. A quick way to find this number is to add x number of zero's behind a 1. If you notice, 10^5 is 100000, there are 5 zero's in the solution.


Pi, also shown as π, is approximately equivalent to 3.141592653589793 and it goes on infinitely, without end! To solve a problem looking for a number times Pi, enter the value and then press the math function * and press the Pi button. For example 3π, you'd enter 3 then press the "*" button and the "Pi" button and finally press "=" to get the results.

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