Queue Theory Calculator


λ is mean arrival rate


μ is expected service time


s is number of servers



   Ls =

   Lq =

   Ws =

   Wq =

   ρ =

   P0 =

*** NOTE- This is only meant for single service (M/M/1) at this time, I will come back to add more than 1 server capability at a later date.

Queue Theory Formulae

ρ = λ / μ

Mean number in system : Ls = λ / (μ - λ)

Mean number in queue : Lq = ρλ / (μ - λ)

Mean time in system : Ws = 1 / (μ - λ)

Mean time in queue : Wq = ρ / (μ - λ)

Below is a really good Queue Theory Explanation

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