Non-Renewal Notice Example

June 7, 2018

TO: Mr. & Ms. Doe

248 Mather Street

Alton, IL 62002


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Doe:


Unfortunately, we will not be renewing your Lease due to various circumstances. Consider this letter the required 30-day written notice to VACATE the premises by the date stated in your current Lease; 15 July, 2018.


Your remaining monthly rent payments are to be paid to the end of your occupancy in compliance with the terms of your Lease. Your security deposit cannot be used as rent payment at any time. After you vacate the premises, an inspection will be made to ensure that the Leased premises have been cleared of all furniture and personal items and left in a clean and undamaged condition. All keys to the premises must be returned to the Landlord when you vacate. You must also provide the Landlord with your forwarding address.


This letter serves as legal notice of termination of your Lease on the referenced property. It is also intended to allow you ample time to seek a new residence. Failure to comply with the above requirements could result in legal proceedings to regain possession of the property, which in turn may incur attorney costs and court fees that you could be responsible for per the Lease agreement. Failure to act in accordance with your Lease can also adversely affect your credit rating.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.





Property Owner




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