inventory management

Inventory Management

In one sentence, inventory management is the balance between ensuring product availability while trying to minimize the cost of carrying a product (based on a desired level of product availability or fill-rate). In inventory management you want...

inventory software

Inventory Software for Small Business

No matter what business you run, it is crucial to properly track inventory. Our inventory is what keeps our business alive! No matter what the product is, whether it's maintainted in a store, a warehouse, or even a start-up that is running out of a garage or...


Economic Order Quantity

Economic Order Quantity is often used in supply chain and operations for the purposes of forecasting. It is often referred to in the industry as Reorder...

inventory forecasting

Inventory Forecasting

Typically it is the responsibility of the forecasting team to establish inventory levels for an organization. The most important part of this job is analysis; know your data, review it, check it, research, and ask the product SME's (subject matter experts) questions to...