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number work hours
Four Essential Estate Planning Tips for Young Professionals

If you're in your twenties or thirties, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about estate planning. After all, you’re decades away from...

number work hours
Run An Ecommerce Store

The appeal of running a home business is currently at an all-time high as people struggle to cope with being largely confined to their homes. Many have lost...

number work hours
Calculate Number Work Hours in a Year

Figuring out how many work hours are in a year will help you determine what you'll make based on hourly pay. Keep in mind though, many...

become LLC
How to Become an LLC

Before we get into what needs to be done to become an LLC, it's important to provide a quick overview of what an LLC is. An LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. Many business owners ask...

How to Mail Merge
How to Mail Merge Outlook

This is a word document that I am sending using the mail merge function in MS Word. The file will be sent using MS Outlook. You can also add images to...

How to Write LLC Operating Agreement
How to Write an LLC Operating Agreement

In short, an LLC operating agreement outlines business processes and procedures for how business operations will be managed, as well as how situations should be handled if they arise; it is a legal document that...

How to Calculate Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio
How to Calculate Accounts Receivable Turnover

The A/R Turnover Ratio is used in business to evaluate how well a business chooses their customers (who they extend credit to) and how well the business collects on debts (accounts receivable). A high ratio is...

How to Whiteboard
My How To Whiteboard

If you managed to stumble upon this page, this is a new site for me and it is in work! For now this "post" is my whiteboard for future articles... it's a self reminder... Conduct a Meeting, Calculate Financials, Write an Elevator Pitch

How to Whiteboard
How To Write a Business Plan

There are 8 primary sections of a business plan. Each of the following provides an in-depth overview of the contents of each section with examples of how the sections should look...- Executive Summary, Business Overview, Management Team, Operations Plan, Marketeting Plan, Industry Analysis

Minutes of Meeting
How to Minutes of Meeting

The following are some meeting minutes related pages that have been recently added to the site: Minutes of Meeting Template (there is also other quick reference meeting related information on this page), Annual Shareholder Meeting Minutes Template, LLC Annual Meeting Minutes Template, Minutes Template, Basic Meeting Minutes Template, Committee Meeting Procedure, Robert's Rules for Minutes, Meeting Tips, How to Take Minutes

How to Write a Marketing Plan
How to Minutes of Meeting

Writing a marketing plan for a company is a distinct and separate document from the segment within a business plan. An organizations marketing plan is a thorough document that guides the... For additional marketing related information, visit: Marketing.

How to Write a Marketing Survey
How to Write a Marketing Survey

An effective marketing survey, or research questionnaire, is a lot more complicated than just putting together some questions and asking customers, or random...

Letter of Intent
Letter of Intent

When it comes to a Letter of Intent there are generally 3 types people are looking for, as follows: 1) Letter of Intent for School - this is also sometimes referred to as Statement of Purpose, or application essay, 2) Letter of Intent for Employment - this can be referred to as a cover letter, 3) Letter of Intent for business transaction - or the intent to buy or sell.

how to Java
How to Java

Still working on a "programming" section for this website, so for now, this is where I'm putting my java related pages. Factorial Java Program, Grade Average Java Program, Grade Converter Java Program, Interest Calculator Java Program

How to Finance
How To Finance, Accounting, and Inventory Management

I'm still working to pull this site together, for now, until I can get pictures and posts associated with each article... please see the following articles related to finance and accounting: How to Calculate Reorder Point, How to Calculate Safety Stock, How to Calculate EOQ, How to Calculate Compound Interest

How to Make a Financial Plan
How To Make a Financial Plan in 8 Simple Steps

A good financial plan does more than reduce debt—it reduces stress. You can live more comfortably now, while also saving for the future, with thoughtful planning. That doesn’t mean, however, that your planning has to necessarily be complex. Here are eight simple...