Business Overview

Your business overview should be fairly easy. This is where you discuss the venture you plan on pursuing. This section covers the who, what, where and how in depth. Provide some background information on the state of the industry you plan to enter with information that reinforces why now is the time to enter your market. Provide background information on yourself and/or partners that highlights your experience. If you have a mission statement or vision statement, put it in this section. You will also want to give basic information on who your customers will be and briefly explain how you plan to execute sales, and what differentiates you from competitors, to give you an edge and gain market share.

Business Overview Example

The Business

SI Co recognizes the profound opportunities that exist as a result of our current social emphasis on environmentalism, and the movement to alternative energies. SI Co sees the numerous benefits and potential growth for converting household electrical demand from “the grid,” to self-sustainability.  With the recent dramatic increase in household utility costs, the movement toward alternative energies, and with the legislative incentives to convert, SI Co seeks the first mover advantage to become the leader in the southern Illinois solar energy transition.

Our company seeks to set the standard and to lead the pack, with quality and a strong knowledge base as the foundation of our business. SI Co understands that potential consumers need to be better informed of the benefits of solar energy, so our initial effort will be to communicate the benefits of our product through several modes of communication.  We are confident that by communicating the cost benefits of converting to solar energy, in conjunction with state and federal incentives, with the potential to sell unused electricity back to the grid, in addition to the environmental impact of self sustainability; many of our target market prospects will take advantage of this opportunity.

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