marketing management

Marketing Management

The marketing concept is an organizational approach based on the belief that an organization exists as a result of its ability to...

marketing plan

What is a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan for a company is a distinct and separate document from what is written for a business plan; although there are some shared elements. An organizational marketing plan is...

marketing blog

Article Whiteboard

There are a lot of marketing terms that a business owner should become familiar with prior to pursuing their new venture; or while in business. The following is a list of terms and definitions that will help with providing a deeper understanding of how they influence business decisions.

Affiliate Marketing

4 Ps of Marketing

Guerilla Marketing -

Integrated Marketing -

Marketing Mix -

Marketing Strategies -

Market Segmentation -

Marketing Techniques -

Network Marketing -

Niche Market -

Product Marketing -

Target Market -

Trade Marketing -

Vector Marketing -

Porter's 5 Forces -

Pricing Strategies -

Pricing Tactics -

Product Life Cycle -

customer profile

Customer Profile Characteristics

One of the key elements of a successful marketing strategy is knowing who your target market is; who are your customer’s. Advertising is...

furniture industry analysis

Furniture Business Industry Analysis

This analysis begins with a brief overview of a wholesale furniture retail outlet located in Illinois. The analysis is then divided into three segments; 1) a broad analysis of the furniture industry, 2) an overview of...

real estate industry analysis

Real Estate Industry Analysis

Real estate operations involve the management of real estate. This industry analysis places an emphasis on commercial real estate; property that is specifically zoned, or designated, to facilitate business for...