Our Business Plan Template provides a step by step guide that allows you to fill in the form and print it for future reference. Keep in mind that a business plan is a living document and grows with you as your business grows, it also serves as a guide to provide focus and direction for business decisions.

While there isn't a universally applied format, a business plan generally consists of the following information:

- A Cover Page
- An Index Page (Table of Contents)
- Executive Summary
- Business Overview
- Management Team
- Industry and Market Analysis
- Operations Plan
- Financial Plan
- Appendix


Visit Business Plan Outline for the details of each section.

I hope you find our business plan template useful and I will be adding more in depth information shortly. The site is a work in progress; I have several irons in the fire... but as a student, or entrepreneur, you are undoubtedly familiar with doing 10 things at once- it's what we do! It's our passion, tenacity and persistence to succeed in our ventures that leads us to become successful.

You can also download this template in Word:
Business Plan Template (Word)


This is a great (and brief) video that provides insight on how to write a business plan