Management Team

The management team is where you discuss you (and your partners) experience.  Don't be shy, but don't over do it either!  If you had success with a particular project, or venture, put it in there.  If you had a failure don't be afraid to put it in there, but this can be a slippery slope.  If you do acknowledge previous failures make sure you add lessons learned.  All investors know that a majority of entrepreneurs fail a few times before they succeed and that most business ventures fail within the first three years; a key to a successful venture is learning from failed ventures. In short, this section is a resume written out in sentences.

Management Team Example

            The management team of SI Co will consist of Susan Trip and Brendon Trip. While they do not have direct management experience, Brandon has served as foreman on many jobs. Brendon is currently in the Alton electrician local IBEW 649. He is currently working for JF Electric. His technical experience includes 14 years working as a union electrician, and he is a certified electrician. Since he has been an electrician for many years it ensures that he is very knowledgeable about what he does. Through the years he has developed many contacts with contractors and suppliers. These contacts will be very helpful because they could refer customers to him. This will be especially useful during the early stages of the business. He has a commitment to develop his business to be an industry leader in all things solar. He also wants to become someone who is an expert on the subject and be able to offer consultative services in the future.

            The Board of Directors will consist of four people-- Susan Trip, Brendon Trip, and two outside members, consisting of an investor and a consultant. It will help the company to secure capital if they offer the investor a position on the Board of Directors. The second position, filled by a consultant, will provide the business with a proper view of their consumers.  Additionally, this consultant will provide some leadership for the fledgling company.

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