Company and Industry

The field of business that we are trying to enter is online social networking. is a social networking website tailored specifically for cancer patients and cancer survivors. The site will also be available to every person that has a personal connection with cancer. This will include people such as doctors, friends and family of cancer patients, or anyone else who would like to spread a word of hope to those that are fighting cancer. The main focus of the site will be to connect current cancer patients with cancer survivors that successfully defeated cancer. Preferably, the cancer patients can find survivors that had the same kind of cancer that they currently have. For example, it would be more beneficial for a skin cancer patient to connect and communicate with a skin cancer survivor.


The mission of TheHopeFarm is,


“Provide a forum where cancer survivors can share encouragement

and hope with current cancer patients.”


The website is still in the developmental stages. The URL address,, was purchased on March 24, 2009. David “Luke” Blackburn is the owner and creator of the The goal for site launch is September 2009. Currently, Luke is searching for an innovative web design firm to create the actual website. Luke will only act as a guide during the design and creation process.


There are no direct competitors in this market and therefore we will enjoy some of the advantages of being the first mover in the market. The indirect competitors include Facebook, MySpace, Google Groups, and local church groups. The other social networking sites could actually be beneficial due to the fact that they are a big reason why social networking is so popular. We could possibly create partnerships with them to redirect the niche market to TheHopeFarm.



Executive Summary Market Analysis